Yes, you read that headline right. A Keurig for kiddies has hit the market. Meet Baby Brezza’s Formula Pro, which has been nicknamed “baby’s first latte machine” because it mixes formula in seconds with the push of a button.


Its price tag of $149 might seem excessive at first. But simply think back to last night’s 2 a.m. feeding and the crying jags that ensued while you measured, poured, mixed and heated a bottle. (And we’re not just talking about baby’s.)

This all-in-one gadget may not deliver foam or designer drinks, but it does serve up a perfect bottle of formula in seconds. All you do is pour water into the reservoir and up to 700g (or two cans) of formula into the upper compartment, much like a bleary-eyed parent’s favorite coffeemaker. Choose the setting for a 2-, 4-, 6- or 8-ounce bottle, and Formula Pro automatically mixes and dispenses the right amount at the ideal temperature. If you believe its claims, that translates to no scoops, clumps, bubbles, powdery countertop or fussy bottle warmer.

It’s compatible with any bottle brand, and the bottle platform is height adjustable to accommodate different sizes. Easy-to-read settings include a water level indicator, temperature gauge, start and stop buttons, and functions that warn if internal parts are not properly aligned.

Intrigued, but need to see it to believe it? Check out this video.

Formula Pro retails for $149 and can be purchased online at or at retail stores such as Toys R Us, Target, Buy Buy Baby and Amazon.

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— Selena Kohng

Photos: courtesy of Baby Brezza

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