When you think of Lin-Manuel Miranda, one word probably comes to mind—Hamilton! But this talented dad is much more than his uber-famous musical: he’s apparently a genius when it comes to clever parenting hacks. Seriously.

Miranda, who is dad to two boys Sebastian and Francisco with wife Vanessa Nadal, recently tweeted a dinnertime pic that we all need to take note of. The photo, taken of baby Francisco during dinnertime, showed the little guy in his high chair. But upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a high chair at all.

So what was little Francisco sitting in?  Miranda tweeted, “Parenting hack: don’t have an infant high chair for dinner? Have you considered a bucket full of towels?”

Yep, that’s right. Miranda MacGyver-ed his way to a makeshift high chair. Of course, his “bucket” looks more like one of those wide baby bathtubs. Obviously a regular ol’ mop and bucket type of pail just wouldn’t do.

Think of Miranda’s hack as an old school survival type for the modern mama. Hey, there used to be a day when people put their babies to sleep in open drawers. And in Finland, babies often sleep in cardboard boxes that the government provides!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Kazuend via Unsplash



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