That glow? Sure, she’s beaming with pride — but we have a hunch the light from her smartphone has something to do with it, too. With so many digital resources for moms and moms-to-be these days, expectant mamas are just an app away from information and tools to make their lives easier. Click through our album to see our top ten picks.

Full Term – Labor Contraction Timer, Counter & Tracker

When you’re in the throes of labor and need to time your contractions, you need a quick and easy way to do it, and you need it. Now. This no-nonsense app lets you tap a button when a contraction starts, then tap again when it ends. The data is automated for you: the time, duration, and frequency of each contraction. A detailed log and a graph pop up, and space to type quick notes if necessary. Bring it with you to the hospital to speed up your Q&A time in triage, or email it to your OB — or yourself, for that moment months from now when you start to think it wasn’t that bad.

Free on iTunes.

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— Selena Kohng