You’ve readied the nursery. You’ve folded the clothes. You’ve done the bucket list of things that only the pre-baby you can do. Now’s the time to get cooking (more than just your baby, that is). Why? Because if there’s one thing you won’t have when your baby comes, it’s the time to cook three healthy meals a day. What’s a preggo mama to do? Try making and freezing one (or 10!) of these easy make-ahead meals.

Brownie Baked Oatmeal

Craving something sweet? This brownie baked oatmeal will have you eating breakfast all day long. But don't let the chocolatey-goodness fool you; this dish is loaded with healthy stuff including oats, flaxseed and pumpkin puree. Nursing moms should help themselves to seconds, since oatmeal has long been rumored to boost milk supply. Mamas Polly and Rachel have all the details at Thriving Home.

Photo credit: Thriving Home


Are you filling your freezer with meals to heat and serve after Baby arrives? Tell us what you’re cooking.

–Melissa Heckscher