You feed baby around 168 times in her first two weeks (that’s every two hours around the clock) and it doesn’t let up much from there. How about us parents? We need to eat, too! Fill up in no time flat with these yummy dinners you can make in 15 minutes or less, leaving you enough time to actually chew your food. Flip through our album for recipes like one-pot farmers market pasta, chicken-veggie orzo and more.

Super Fast Pizzas

Remember that one day a month your mom let you buy school lunch, so you could get the pizza boat?  Here’s your chance to relive your favorite school lunch meal. This recipe isn’t just fast, it’s totally customizable to every taste in your family. Bake your way to happiness with home-chef Ann's of Anncoo Journal recipe here.

photo: Anncoo Journal

What special 15-minute recipes do you keep in your back pocket? Share them with others in the Comments below! 

— Shannon Guyton, with production by Christal Yuen