A new baby is the most special thing in your life and you don’t want to miss a single goo-goo-ga-ga. Now you don’t have to miss a single heartbeat, breath or itty-bitty movement, either. That’s because of a new invention, the Mimo onesie from Rest Devices. It’s a sensor-embellished article of clothing that’s WiFi equipped, allowing you to check baby’s vital signs via an app. Suddenly video baby monitors seems archaic. But does the know-it-all Mimo onesie go overboard? 

mimo-onsie-babyphoto: Huffington Post

How It Works
Chances are, baby won’t be bothered by the fact that his snazzy new outfit has the ability to spy on him, day or night. Designed as a comfy organic cotton kimono, the Mimo onesie has green stripes that function as sensors. They track and deliver all kinds of information to your smartphone — everything from elevated heart rates and skin temperatures, to changes in respiration and body position, to ebbs and flows in activity level.

It all happens through infant-safe Bluetooth technology. Data is sent from a turtle-shaped clip to the Mimo Lilypad, a separate connection station. The Lilypad streams all of baby’s info right to your iOS/Android. (You’ll have to download the Mimo app first.)  Whenever there are changes worth noting, your phone will gives you an alert.


The Future of Parenting?
This new innovation can give you the scoop on what’s happening with the baby every waking hour — although parents will be more prone to use it in the nighttime. It’s also equipped to predict future behaviors through an incorporated algorithm. Over time, the app can give you an overall sense of baby’s sleeping patterns.

And they haven’t stopped there. Rest Devices have also invented companion products for the onesie. One is a digitally rigged coffee mug that flashes red when baby’s vital signs are alarming. The other is a bottle warmer that will heat up your milk after it receives a signal that baby has woken. Both innovations are in prototype phase. Don’t believe us? Play the video below.

Rest Devices’s Mimo onesie is available for pre-order online at mimobaby.com. The starter pack (for $199.99) includes three Mimo onesies, one turtle clip and one Lilypad. For an additional $29, you can get a set of two onesies in sizes 3-12 months.

What do you think — love it or leave it? And is it worth the $199.99 price tag? Let us know in the Comments section below.

— Christal Yuen