Diamonds, pearls and jewelry certainly have their place for gift-giving and special occasions. We don’t many moms that would turn them down, but for the first-time mom, who’s in the throes of a new crazy, sleep-deprived state, those gifts may not be on the top of her list for her first Mother’s Day. Here’s a tip—give Mom a well-rounded package that includes something traditional and something she really wants (or needs!) for this stage in motherhood. Delve into the mind of a new mama, with these eight great ideas.

New Mom

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A Nap. Yes, everyone said to rest before the baby comes because you’ll need the energy. But, realistically, sleep isn’t like a bank account you can deposit extra hours into for a later time when you desperately need to withdrawal a few Zzzs. This Mother’s Day, let Mom take an hour-long, uninterrupted nap. Chances are, she won’t fight you on this offer. Note: for greatest success, take the little bub on an adventure outside of the house.


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Gift Certificate for a MassageTake it a step further and actually schedule the massage for her. Motherhood is a busy job, and often times, moms fail to take time for themselves, especially with a to-do list a mile long. If you schedule the appointment for them and make sure baby care is covered, chances are, they’ll have no choice but to relax and get pampered.


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A Shower. This may sound silly, because we’re sure showers are being taken at your house, but what about allowing Mom an uninterrupted shower that she’s not scurrying out of to tend to the baby or rush out the door to the office? Close the door, take baby for a walk and let Mom take her time in the shower. Bonus points will be awarded if Mom’s able to take a bubble bath!


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Dinner Prepared and Dishes DoneNew parents often kick into ‘survival mode’ when it comes to meal prep and eating. Part of that is time (or lack thereof) and part may be dreading the aftermath—no good meal at home is without dishes and cleanup. Make it easy for Mom and cook a delicious meal with no cleanup duties. In fact, kick her out of the kitchen after the meal and insist on taking care of it. Tip: Not a cook? No worries. Thanks to meal services like Plated, Blue Apron and Hello Fresh, you can get ingredients and instructions for delicious meals delivered right to your door. So easy and so yummy.


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Sleeping in. Pre-kids Saturdays or Sundays were for sleeping in, but unfortunately Junior doesn’t know that 6 a.m. is an unrealistic hour to wake up on weekends. But, parents do what we do and start our days extra early based on the little one’s sleeping schedule. Do Mom a solid and take the early shift so she can sleep in. The gift of sleep is priceless, just ask any new parent.


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A Trip Out of the House—Solo. Ever wondered why so many “Mom jokes” revolve around a shopping trip to Target feeling like a vacation? It’s not just a joke, it’s the truth. Give Mom a break, hand her the keys and let her know she’s off the clock for the next two hours, to do as she pleases. Run to the mall? Meander the aisles of Target? Grab a coffee and read a book? Your choice, Mama. Say, “bye-bye” Baby!


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Breakfast in Bed. Tip: this can be as easy as grabbing bagels from the breakfast shop down the street or as gourmet as whipping up a batch of French toast and eggs. The whole point is that Mom is pampered and catered to, without even having to leave her bed.


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A Day Spent TogetherLow-key, doesn’t have to involve getting dressed up or extensive advanced planning—just spend the day together as a family. Motherhood is a lot of work, means a lot of lost sleep and can be overwhelming when you first dive in, but at the end of the day, that little baby is the best gift of all. Take time out to simply enjoy it.

What is the best gift you received for your first Mother’s Day?

—Jane Putnam