A baby carrier is the key to new parents getting things done around the house, taking walks and running errands with happy or sleeping babies. It’s also handy for sneaking kisses and snuggles with a baby cuddled up close. The structured baby carriers below are brand-new and filled with features you’ll love, such as pockets, breathable material and even an extended support pole for comfort. As a bonus, we’ve included our favorite carriers and wraps from 2018. Scroll down to find the baby carrier best suited to your lifestyle and baby.

Embrace by Ergobaby

This hybrid baby carrier has soft, stretchy knit fabric and cross-back straps like a wrap carrier but with the buckles and waist belt of a structured carrier. It's machine-washable and rolls up compactly so you can easily pack it in a diaper bag or suitcase for outings and travel. Babies can sit inward-facing or forward-facing, and the carrier is intended for babies between 7 and 25 pounds (no infant insert required).

Available at ergobaby.com, $80.


Move by MOBY

This four-position carrier (inward-facing, forward-facing, hip carry, back carry) has only one set of adjustments to give a growing baby the perfect, cozy fit. The waist belt incorporates lumbar support for added comfort for the wearer, and there are padded shoulder straps and padded head and neck support for baby. Breathable mesh fabric keeps you both cool, and the carrier is machine-washable. Designed for babies from 7 pounds to 45 pounds without an infant insert, the carrier also features two storage pockets and a UPF 45+ hood to block the sun.

Available at mobywrap.com, $99.94.

2-in-1 Carrier + Hip Seat by MOBY

Also from Moby, this versatile carrier functions as both a four-position carrier (inward-facing, forward-facing, hip carry, back carry) and a hip seat with three seating options: front-inward, front-outward and hip. The shoulder straps and front panel zip off easily to leave a sturdy, hard-structure seat so you can pick up and put down a baby with ease. The seat also has ample storage pockets for valuables, diapers, clothing and more. The carrier is machine-washable and has a UV 45+ hood. Use the carrier starting at 12 pounds and the hip seat starting at 17 pounds.

Available at mobywrap.com, $99.94.

Carry On Multi-Pocket Carrier by Infantino

This three-position carrier (inward-facing, forward-facing, back carry) has an adjustable seat to keep newborns snug and expand for older babies and toddlers. It features a breathable mesh panel for comfort and six (yes, six!) smart pockets. There's a small pocket on the shoulder strap for easy access to a pacifier or small toy, waist-panel pockets for your phone, wallet or keys, and larger front pockets where you can store diapers and wipes, clothes, a lovie and snacks. Designed for kids between 8 and 40 pounds.

Available at infantino.com, $54.99.

The Baby Carrier by Colugo

This lightweight, machine-washable carrier features breathable mesh between you and baby to keep you both cooler, and magnetic buckles that make it easier to get baby safely situated. It supports both inward-facing and outward-facing seating and has pockets big enough to store diapers, wipes, keys, wallet, phone and more. There’s also a UPF 50+ hood for sunny outings. It’s suitable for kids from 7 pounds (without an infant insert) to 30 pounds. And because this is a direct-to-consumer company (meaning you buy directly from Colugo), you’ll get a great price and stellar customer service with your purchase.

Available at hicolugo.com, $125. 

Serenity by LILLEbaby

The Serenity comes in two types of material: Airflow has a full-body mesh design for maximum breathability, and All Seasons has a zippered front panel you fold down to reveal breathable mesh. Both versions feature five seating positions (inward fetal, with legs tucked in; inward-facing; forward-facing, hip carry; back carry) and a waist belt you can adjust for a narrow, medium and wide fit. Designed for kids from 7 pounds to 45 pounds.

Available at lillebaby.com, $150.

Pursuit by LILLEbaby

Also from LILLEbaby, the Pursuit comes in the All Seasons material with a zipdown panel and breathable mesh, along with a water-resistant shell, as well as Pro material, which is made from a durable, soft-knit fabric. There's also a Sport version with water-resistant ripstop fabric. They all boast seven storage pockets, reflective details and multiple seating positions: Kids can sit inward fetal, with legs tucked in; inward-facing; forward-facing; hip carry; and back carry. This carrier is designed for use between 7 and 45 pounds.

Available at lillebaby.com, $125.

Mamapod Baby Carrier by Mamapod

If you need to stand for extended periods, like at an older child’s sports games, the Mamapod carrier is one to check out, thanks to its optional support pole you can attach to alleviate pressure on your neck, back and shoulders. This machine-washable carrier features a cozy hood, soft mesh for breathability, and a hip seat that folds down when not in use. Baby can sit facing inward or forward, and you can remove the front panel and just use the hip seat to prop baby on. The support pole weighs less than 1 pound and can be folded up and stored in the seat pocket when not in use. Designed for babies 12-44 pounds.

Available at mamapod.com, $129-$139. 


This stylish carrier accommodates four positions for baby (inward fetal, with legs tucked in; inward-facing; forward-facing; back carry) and has an innovative front panel you can detach to put down baby to let them nap on their back or if you need to use the restroom. The carrier is designed for babies as small as 5 pounds (with a built-in infant insert) up to 33 pounds. A quilted cooling panel, mashine-washable fabric, four storage pockets and that clever removable front panel make it both comfortable and convenient.

Available at baebi.com, $160. 

CUDL by Nuna

You can adjust the CUDL carrier for the most comfortable fit for you and baby: Minimize the leg opening for smaller babies; zip out the integrated infant booster when baby outgrows it; remove the head and neck support when baby no longer needs it; and pop up the customizable hood on sunny or rainy days. There’s a handy pocket on the waist belt that’s easy to reach when baby’s on board and four magnetic locking buckles for a secure attachment. Kids can sit four ways (inward-facing with integrated infant booster, inward-facing, forward-facing and back carry) in this carrier designed for kids 8 to 35 pounds.

Available at nunababy.com, $219.95. 

Coast Explore Carrier by Tula

The Coast Explore carriers add a breathable mesh material to the popular Explore carrier line. Babies can sit three ways (inward-facing, forward-facing and back carry), and the body panel adjusts to three width settings to accommodate babies from 7 to 45 pounds, without an infant insert. The padded, adjustable neck support pillow can be adjusted to provide head and neck support for newborns and sleepy babies, and there’s a removable hood and a large pocket on the waist belt. Designed to accommodate kids from 7 to 45 pounds.

Available at babytula.com, $179.

Oldies But Goodies: New in 2018

Baby Tula Explore

Baby Tula's carriers have always been a favorite of ours for their fun prints, ease of use and overall comfort for both baby and parent. Starting August 14, 2018 they added to their carrier line with their first-ever forward-facing carrier: the Tula Explore. Debuting in four new prints, the Tula Explore features three width settings that can be used from 7 to 45 pounds without an infant insert. Ready, set, explore!

Available at BabyTula.com for $179. 

Cybex Maira.Tie Carrier

Safety, function and impeccable style are just a few reasons we can’t get enough of Cybex. And their newest carrier, the Maira.Tie, epitomizes everything we love about this brand. The carrier offers an ergonomic seating panel and a multi-functional head and neck rest for newborns to toddlers. With padded shoulder straps for crossed and parallel wearing, this carrier can be tied for front, side and back carrying.

Available at cybex.com for $135.

Moby Fit Wrap

If you’re looking for a wrap but are a bit intimidated by the long sheaths of fabric (now, how am I supposed to safely get baby in and out of this thing? asked every new parent ever), then you’ll want to check out the Moby Fit. Unlike the traditional Moby wraps, this one goes over your head like a t-shirt and then, with just a few knots and adjustments, it’s ready to hold baby as you go about your day. Bonus: Not sure if you placed baby in correctly? Moby has a free service that allows its customers to videochat with their experts to ensure you and baby are getting the most out of your Moby.

Available at mobywrap.com for $54.94.

infantino Go Forward Carrier

For parents looking to go the carrier route without spending a fortune, infantino has your back. Their line of ergonomic carriers includes all the support and features of the premium brands, but at a price point accessible to more families. infantino’s newest release, The Go Forward carrier, features four ergonomic carrying positions and is fully adjustable so that the carrier grows with your child. This carrier is the first in their collection to provide a bucket seat to support children in the out-facing position. Bonus: infantino also just launched their Together Pull-On Knit Carrier.

Available at infantino.com for $59.99.

Boppy ComfyFit

Watch out baby wearing world—Boppy is coming for you! The brand that new parents have come to rely on for nursing pillows recently debuted the ComfyFit, a new baby carrier that’s comfortable (for you) and comforting (for baby). The ComfyFit is inspired by yoga apparel, meaning its ubersoft spandex material moves with you and will make wearing baby a breeze (so soft, in fact, you may never want to take it off!). Simply click, strap, tie, and go. ComyFit offers two carrying positions based on your babe’s ability to hold up their head up on their own—front face-in or front face-out—and is machine washable for easy care.

Available at boppy.com and amazon.com for $70.

BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini

You know BabyBjorn for their original carrier, and in June 2018 they’re debuting a total redesign we think parents will go wild for. The new “BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Mini” will feature: a wider seat for baby's comfort, proprietary fabrics that are super soft, breathable and look sophisticated to boot, and soft-color plastic parts to complement its new softer design. BabyBjorn’s product team made these upgrades based on direct feedback from parents like you.

Available June 2018 at buybuybaby.com for $80-$100 depending on fabric choice.


—copy by Erin Lem & Eva Ingvarson Cerise; photos courtesy of each retailer



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