Ask any experienced breast feeding mommy what’s the most frustrating part of getting started with her newborn, and most likely she will tell you it’s figuring out how much milk baby is actually drinking and how much she’s left for later. Not knowing can bring a world of agony and worry to a new mother, especially if baby doesn’t seem to be gaining enough weight or asking (ok, crying) to feed often enough.


If only there were a way to measure how much milk you’re starting with at each feeding and how much milk is left at the end…. Well, now there is, thanks to the MilkSense Breastfeeding Monitor, designed to serve as your very own personal milk monitor. Innovative, simple, and surprisingly accurate, it takes the guesswork out of nourishing your baby.

Simply place it on each breast for 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after each feeding, and voila, it determines exactly how much milk in milliliters baby drank. How does it work? The device uses electromagnetic signals to measure the volume of the breast alveoli—a component of the mammary gland—and based on this information, can determine the exact amount of milk in each breast. The best part: The information is stored so that mommy can monitor baby’s intake over time. Genius!

Available at, $140

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—Jamy Bond