Pastel hues and gentle animal themes dominate the baby gift arena, but we think it’s time you step out of that pink and blue box and away from the teddy bears, bunnies and even the owls. Apple Park’s newest baby collection features an unsuspecting character, in a non-traditional color palette. Here’s why we love it.


That’s right, Apple Park’s newest character in the eco-friendly company’s baby gift line is a bat! And a cute little bat at that – all decked out in grey and star-patterned navy blue hues. This cute nocturnal creature comes in three forms – as a blanket-style lovie, an easy-to-hold plush rattle and a pair of booties. All three are made from super-soft organic fabrics.


If you love straying from tradition and aren’t afraid to dress your baby in a skull and crossbone patterned diaper, then you’re probably already geeked about these goodies. We also think Apple Park’s bat collection would work great in gender neutral nurseries and trendy grey or black and white nurseries.


And if you need a baby gift, the parent-to-be may be pleasantly surprised to see something more unexpected, yet still totally adorable if you gift bat booties or blankies!

Available online at; blankie, $22.50; rattle, $22; booties, $19.50.

Want something a little less dark for your baby? Apple Park also recently introduced an adorable green panda perfect for gender neutral nurseries, and a purple owl that’s so cute it’s sure to keep the woodland animal’s time in the spotlight going strong.

What animal would you pick for your baby? Share your thoughts in a Comment below.

–Julie Seguss