It’s picture time … say “cheese!” Oh, baby can’t talk yet? And he’s crinkling his forehead, drooling and using the couch pillow as a punching bag? Not to worry — your photos will still look amazing. The secret is putting a milestone sticker on his outfit, so you’ll always remember how old (and adorable) he was. Here are two colorful options.


photo: Lucy Darling

Lucy Darling Monthly & Milestone Stickers
These oversized stickers take up adorable real estate on baby’s belly. When the camera flashes, you’ll be glad you used them. With modern graphics and lots of colors, they announce the stage your little one is at. Get one for every month, or choose based on milestones (“I can stand,” “My first tooth,” and so on). There are even stickers that commemorate holidays with cheeky illustrations (a wee pilgrim and American Indian trumpet “My First Thanksgiving”). Expectant moms can even get in on the game; Lucy Darling has just introduced Belly Bump Stickers that let the whole world know what pregnancy week you are in the midst of.

Available online at, $15.99-$24.99 for a set of 12.


photo: Sticky Bellies, designed by Aloetree

Sticky Bellies Limited Edition by Aloetree
You’ll capture the perfect picture for your holiday cards and do a lot of good in the process when you purchase these lovelies. The collection, which includes 13 stickers (newborn-12 months), gives back a portion of the proceeds to Chab Dai, an organization that works to end child trafficking. Designs — owls, penguins, pandas, foxes and other critters on natural backgrounds — are gender neutral and completely cute.

Available starting October 10 online at, $15 for a set of 13.

Do you have adorable photos of your baby wearing a milestone sticker? Shout about them in the Comments!

— Kelly Aiglon