You’ll try anything to get your baby to stop crying — rocking, singing lullabies, even dancing a jig (let’s hear it for distraction tactics). But now that Baby Shusher is here, you have an easy solution at the ready.


What Is It?
Baby Shusher is a handheld device that works like a white noise machine, but has an interesting twist. Instead of emitting the typical sounds of water lapping, radio fuzz or softly chirping birds, it projects a rhythmic human-made sound, like a rustle that ebbs and flows.

The sound is similar to what infants hear in the womb, where there is constant noise from blood flow. It’s based on an ancient art called rhythmic shushing that can come off as loud and jarring, but is actually comforting to a baby (similar to the sound of a vacuum cleaner).

How Did It Come About? 
The inventors are Santa Monica couple Chad and Katie Zunker, who heard about rhythmic shushing from a DVD made by a doctor. They tried it on their own restless infants, with much success. At first, Chad and Katie first verbally made the shushing noises, but they got out of breath and couldn’t keep doing it for as long as needed. So, Chad digitally recorded himself, put it in a loop and the first version of Baby Shusher was born.

Baby Shusher has hit the market with a cool, modern look. Its egg-like shape can be placed in baby’s crib or car seat. It has two settings — 15 minutes or 30 minutes of continuous shushing — and the volume is adjustable.

Curious? Watch this video to hear Baby Shusher and see how it works.

You can buy Baby Shusher online for $31.49 at

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— Kelly Aiglon

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