Waking up to feed baby at 2 a.m. is one of those labors of love. We found a few things that will wipe the sleep dust from your eyes, day or night. Just introduced to the market are three innovations that will help you get organized and be more perky at feeding time. Go ahead — latch on to these new products.


photo: Eepples MilkCharms

For Breastmilk Storage & Organization: Eepples MilkCharms
Beyond their pretty appearance, these charms serve a super-useful purpose: They take the worry out of wondering if your breast milk is still fresh. Their original tracking system features a double-sided dial that tracks both time and day. When you pop your milk in the fridge, “log” this information and you’ll be able to easily plan when to use the milk. The simple charms work on any bottle and can also come in handy for formula, baby food or even your Mom and Dad’s dinner leftovers. Bonus: They are BPA- and phthalate-free and dishwasher safe. Available online at eepples.com; $14.99/pack of three.


photo: Babymoov Nutribaby

For Easy Food Processing: Babymoov Nutribaby 
This gadget is notable for a few reasons: It’s an award winner from the French company Babymoov, which just launched in the U.S.; and it does five things in one. You’ll marvel at all of its smooth moves. It warms, sterilizes, defrosts, steams and blends — and all you have to do is use a digital screen to get those functions going. We love the two cooking baskets, which allow you to prepare different ingredients at their optimal cooking time, at the same time. (Just start with the foods that need to cook the longest, then add the other ingredients to the second basket when needed.) The LCD screen guides you through each process, so you don’t need to futz with a manual. After all, you have better things to do, like juggle a baby with your other hand! Available online at diapers.com, $119.


photo: UpSpring Milkflow

For Milk Production: UpSpring’s Milkflow 
If herbal remedies interest you, here’s something to add to your pantry. You may have heard that fenugreek, a white-flowered herbaceous plant with aromatic seeds, can increase your milk supply. Maybe you’ve even tried pills or chugged elixirs to get your dose. This new supplement offers something different: a berry-flavored fenugreek mix that you simply add to water. It’s also contains blessed thistle (a plant often used in tandem with fenugreek to boost lactation) and anise (an herb with a licorice-like taste). It’s recommended to take twice a day and is all natural, gluten-free, non-GMO and vegan. Available online at upspringbaby.com, $14.99/pack of 18. 

What feeding products do you love? Let us know in the Comments!

— Kelly Aiglon