Between baby’s first giggles, the first time they roll over and hearing the start of their first words, your little one’s first year is filled with tons of memory-making moments. It’s also an exciting time for Mom, including her first Mother’s Day! To celebrate a few mom’s first Mother’s Day this year, we sent new mamas a few of our favorite gifts to make their day extra special. Here’s what we included:


Another big part of baby's first year: Feedings. So many feedings. The ChiccoDuo™ is a hybrid bottle that offers the wellness benefits of glass and the convenience of plastic—making Mom's life much easier. The ChiccoDuo™ has an Invinci-Glass inner layer, which means baby's milk only comes in contact with glass. On top of the micro-thin layers of glass is a crystal-clear, premium plastic exterior that keeps the bottle safe from breaking. Paired with the Intui-Latch™ Nipple (a game-changing anti-colic nipple with a textured skin-like feel that positions baby’s tongue and lips for a natural, intuitive latch), ChiccoDuo™ makes feedings a way better time for Mom and baby!

Milk Bar Cookies

These so-yummy Milk Bar cookies have something for everyone. Whether you're the ultimate sweets lover (hello, Chocolate Confetti Cookie) or into something a bit more savory (don't knock a Corn Cookie until you've tried it) or just indecisive (a Compost Cookie covers all the bases), the assorted cookie tin is sure to hit the spot. 

Pickwick & Co. Chamomile & Lavender Candle

We all know that a little "me time" is what moms really want for Mother's Day. For when first-time mamas are looking to relax, this soothing Pickwick & Co. Chamomile & Lavender Candle rises to the occasion. At-home spa day, anyone? 

Par Avion Unicorn Tears Tea

When Mom finally gets a chance to kick back and put her feet up, this fun tea from Par Avion is the perfect soothing sipper. The green tea with rosehip, blue pea flowers, blue cornflower petals and hawthorn fruit not only tastes delicious, but it also changes colors!

Tinybeans Family Premium

We know new moms want to capture all of their baby's special moments, which is why we gifted each mom a year of Tinybeans Family Premium, from the Tinybeans app that lets parents share as many photos as they'd like with the family and friends they choose.