Not feeling that pregnancy glow everyone raves about? Splurge on one of these goodies that’ll help you feel pampered, pretty and possibly even well-rested. Flip through to find one or two that you need (and deserve!) now.

Upgrade Your Lingerie

You might not want to splurge on maternity lingerie, but having a great fitting bra can do wonders for your comfort, possible back pain and confidence in your new pregnancy bod. We love Cake Maternity's Waffles 3d Spacer Contour Nursing Bar. Invest in it in your third trimester (or second half of your second) and you'll likely be able to wear it while you're nursing your baby too to extend the bra's life in your lingerie rotation.

Available at, $65.

What has made you feel great during your pregnancy? Share your secrets below.

–Julie Seguss