Babies are naturally curious and creative, and they love spending time with you. But if you’re not sure how to fill your days together, here’s your answer: The best way to help babies learn and grow is to give them activities you can share that are designed for their age and the developmental stage they’re going through.

The Panda Crate from KiwiCo makes that easy, with a subscription service that delivers a fun-filled crate of developmentally appropriate activities and helpful information for parents and other caregivers.

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What It Is

You may already be familiar with KiwiCo’s awesome activity crates for kids of all ages. With the company’s new Panda Crate, they’ve created valuable tools for babies, from newborns up to age 2, to develop cognitive skills in a fun way for each developmental stage they go through.

With a focus on hands-on learning and play, the activities in the Panda Crate will keep babies engaged and give them an opportunity to try out the new skills they’re naturally developing. As their partner, you’ll get to share meaningful learning experiences with them and watch them master these new skills.

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What You Get

Each shipment includes brain-building toys and activities as well as a guide, Wonder magazine, that explains what skills your child is developing at their age and how you can best support them. You’ll also receive activity cards that explain ways to use the items in your crate as well as cards that give you simple, new ways to play and bond with your little one.

When you sign up for Panda Crate, you’ll enter the child’s name and age, so they’ll receive crates that are tailored to their age and current developmental stage. Each crate includes two months’ worth of activities.

Curious about the kinds of items you’ll receive? The Panda Crate is divided into five age bands:
0-2 months: Bond with Me – This crate focuses on tools to help you connect with your child using items such as a tummy time mirror.
3-6 months: Sense with Me – As baby learns about their senses (and starts to put everything in their mouth), you’ll receive toys and activity suggestions about how to engage the senses, such as soft blocks that rattle.
7-12 months: Explore with Me – At this stage, baby is usually learning to sit, crawl and grab things. As they learn spatial awareness skills, crates may include toys like a bead maze.
13-18 months: Count with Me – Sorting, stacking and learning about shapes, sizes and volume are the focus of these crates. Items may include colorful, numbered stacking cups.
19-24 months: Discover with Me – These crates focus on cause and effect and imaginative play to help your child discover how the world around them works. Items may include an animal puzzle.

photo: KiwiCo

Why You’ll Love It

KiwiCo is so devoted to helping kids learn they donate a portion of every Panda Crate purchase toward child development research.

The activities and information you’ll find in each crate are designed by KiwiCo’s in-house team of educators and child-development professionals in partnership with experts from Seattle Children’s Hospital who specialize in children’s health, behavior and development.

The crate’s contents are grounded in the science of early childhood development and use research-backed techniques to support your child’s growth.

How to Get It

Sign up for a subscription on the KiwiCo website. You can choose to receive 1 crate every 2 months, 3 crates for 6 months, 6 crates for 12 months or 12 crates for 24 months. Prices vary depending on subscription length.

Watch a video about the new Panda Crate.

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