The first year of a baby’s life can go by at lightening speed and truthfully — be a bit of a sleep-deprived blur. These handy milestone stickers make it easy and stylish to document Baby’s first twelve months, major milestones and first holidays. They’ll also up your photography game in a big way. Flip through our slideshow to find the stickers that fit you and your growing baby best.

Brand New Sticker From Lucy Darlings

With more than 60 designs available Lucy Darlings has an adorable sticker for just about every milestone your baby hits, starting with this "brand new" one. We can't imagine a cuter way to introduce your new peanut to the world than being bundled up and packaged with this sweet memory sticker.

Available at Lucy Darling Designs, $2

Did you track your baby’s progress with stickers? Share your creative photo ideas below.

–Aimee Della Bitta