Want to reduce the plastic you use for Baby’s feeding so you don’t have to worry about BPA, phthalates and other chemicals? From glass bottles that promise not to break to stainless steel sippy cups and silicone storage, cutting back is doable. Here are some of our favorite alternatives to plastic bottles, cups, plates, and snack storage for babies on the go.

Best of Both Worlds

Yep, this 5 Phases bottle has a plastic exterior to guard against breakage, with a glass insert. The milk never comes into contact with plastic, but you might be able to bring it to a daycare that doesn’t allow glass. Hooray! If the glass breaks in transport (accidents do happen, after all), the plastic will contain the mess.

Available at 5phases.com, $41.99, 4 oz. starter set.

What’s your favorite plastic alternative bottle, cup, plate or container for baby? Let us know in the Comments!


—Kelley Gardiner