There’s something special about dads and dads-to-be – the magic that makes our families so grateful to have them. This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate all of the reasons that the dads in our lives are real life superheroes.


Photo: sara* via Flickr

Wee Morning Ice Cream Runs

When you’re six months pregnant and craving double chocolate toffee crunch ice cream at 2 a.m., who is the one to stumble bleary-eyed to the store to pick it up? Yep, the dad-to-be. Even better, he uses his mind-reading prowess to anticipate your craving for pickles before you even ask, arriving home with an extra large jar.

Late Pregnancy Pedicures

Just like Plastic Man, he bends and flexes to take care of all the little things that suddenly become so difficult when you’re nine months pregnant. He ensures your toes remain pretty and massages your aching feet. Who else is going to swoop in to tie your shoes before you go out?

Baby Bump Photographer

Who else is going to take a weekly photo of your growing bump? With the precision of a world class historian, the dad-to-be props you up and documents the baby’s growth progress. Bonus points for his mad Photoshop skills that help remove the bags under your eyes and minimize your swollen ankles.


Photo: Lindsey Turner via Flickr

Birth Coaching

When the magic moment arrives, he gets you to the hospital with the speed of Superman. Once there, he acts as your advocate with doctors and nurses, discussing next steps and even enduring nails digging into flesh as he encourages you throughout the birthing process.

Cord Cutting and Picture Taking

Once the baby has arrived, the new dad leaps into action to cut the umbilical cord and watches the baby with an eagle eye as she is weighed, measured and cleaned. He keeps you appraised of what is going on while simultaneously capturing every precious moment on film.

Stealth Driving

On your way home from the hospital, both you and the baby are safe in the confines of the Batmobile – or Honda Civic with Daddy at the wheel. He finds the most direct and traffic-free route home, driving 10 miles below the speed limit with a sharp eye out for obstacles.


Photo: Mateus Lunardi Dutra via Flickr

Kid/Pet Wrangler

Things can get a little – shall we say – hectic with a new baby around. Daddy steps in to manage the other kids and pets so that you can spend the necessary time with the new addition. It keeps everyone entertained and in good spirits while allowing you to bond with Baby.

Crib Assembly

Just when you’ve given up all hope of understanding the cryptic instructions to put together a crib, the soon-to-be dad draws on his superhuman brain power to figure it out (along with perhaps a few YouTube videos). Before you know it, VOILA! The crib is assembled and ready for baby.


Photo: Shannon McGee via Flickr


Nobody can coax baby giggles the way that Daddy can. He is a master peek-a-boo gamer who never tires of surprising the baby with his silly faces time and time again.

Meconium Diaper Changing

Faster than a speeding bullet, he is able to change a sticky tarry diaper before the baby can even whimper. Any messes are cleaned up in a flash to leave the changing table and bassinet sparkling clean.


Photo: Henry Tseng via Flickr

Midnight Swaddling

He gets up in the middle of the night to soothe the baby.  Then, with the deft skills of Spiderman, he is able to cocoon the baby in a master swaddle for comfort and long periods of sleep – helping you to catch some shut-eye of your own.


Photo: Nick Webb via Flickr

The Best Cuddles

This is really what it’s all about, isn’t it? The greatest bear hugs that only a Daddy can give. The cuddles that make us and our children feel safe and happy. And the love that reminds us how grateful we are for the superheroes in our midst.

Tell us: What makes your child’s dad a superhero?

— Faye Nagy