To say that new moms never get gifts for themselves is not quite fair, but understandably, it’s the new kid that makes out like a bandit. Also reasonable: gifts for mom tend to be life-with-baby related. But two local entrepreneurial women think mothers should be pampered post-partum with stuff just for them. Introducing, rose + candy, for the new mom in your life, just in time for Mother’s Day!

photo: Manda’s Memories – Raleigh Birth Photography

Inspired by moms…and military combat
A gift box for moms (and moms only!) rose + candy was founded by Forest Hills, Queens, resident Stephanie Wood and friend Tanya Nagaraja of Northern California, who met while serving overseas in the U.S. military. (The company gets its name from Nagaraja’s grandmother and Wood’s mother.)

Wood says her military experience taught her about isolation, daily stress — and the power of personalized care packages.

“It’s amazing how the contents of a single box can change your whole world when you’re in those military boots,” Wood recalls. “That experience — and my postpartum days — really informed this whole project in a very meaningful way.”


photo: Manda’s Memories – Raleigh Birth Photography

A Look Inside
rose + candy’s current offering is the “Fourth Trimester Box” for new moms. It’s available for purchase online ($60) and includes over 20 items to help moms navigate those first few months.

“Our theme for this box is ‘Refresh, Revive, and Get Going.’ It includes dry shampoo, a deodorant wipe, face wipes, candy for energy, lip stain, hair clips, and much more.” The box also includes a T-shirt, cotton bra and scarf. (You can select the shirt size when ordering.) The box contains nothing for baby, only stuff for mom, and is meant to be an encouraging gift for the stressed-out, maybe a little lonely, parent.

photo: via rose + candy Facebook page 

More From rose + candy
While this is not a subscription service (it’s a one-time gift), Wood and Nagaraja are expanding rose + candy’s offerings to include a hospital necessities bag, a toddler survival box, and Hot Mama box.


What’s the thing that made you feel pampered post-partum? Tell us in the comments below! 

— Rachel Sokol