Ready to get back into running after baby? Or looking for a way to fit in fitness now that you’re a mom? Do a little mommy multi-tasking and hit the ground running with your baby (6 months and older only please) as your passenger. We reviewed and rounded up the best jogging strollers to help make fitness fun, and most importantly, possible, again.

Best for Tall Runners

Most jogging strollers don't have adjustable handlebars and if you're on the taller side, you may find many joggers are too short for you. The Mountain Buggy Terrain allows you to adjust the height, accommodating both shorter and taller runners, which means it's also good for sharing with other caregivers. Plus, it has a slim profile, so navigating the supermarket or shops is possible. And talk about motivation - when you buy this stroller you get your first Baby Boot Camp class free, a stroller workout that's offered across the country.

Available at, $499.99.

Do you jog with your baby? Share your tips in the comments below.

— Julie Seguss