Now, more than ever before, you find yourself scouring ingredient labels on everything – cleaning and laundry products included. You not only want formulas that remove spit up stains and erase all traces of tossed pureed peas, but also ones are safe for baby. Fortunately, more and more companies are answering the call with chemical-free and organic options that go beyond homemade vinegar or baking soda concoctions. Here’s a roundup of 14 products to keep baby’s clothes, nursery and toys fresh and safe.

Trust the Time-Tested Baby Detergent

There’s a reason Dreft laundry products have been around for 80 years. Their hypoallergenic formula is gentle on your baby’s skin and tough on stains. The Stage1 detergent is formulated with a newborn’s sensitive skin in mind. Once your baby is crawling and getting into bigger messes, try the Stage 2 detergent that works great on food and grass stains. Both work in both standard washing machines and high efficiency ones.

Available at, $19.18.


What products do you use to keep baby’s laundry and nursery green and clean? Share in a comment.

–Katie L. Carroll