Many parents of a trio will tell you that three kids is no joke but they wouldn’t have it any other way. And as time goes on, and sleep gets more plentiful again, you’ll learn the truths that all parents of three come to realize. Read on for words of wisdom from parents who’ve been there and find out what life with a trio is really like.

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Pregnancy? What Pregnancy?
With your first, you have time to read baby books and take Lamaze classes. Your second is a bit more hectic as you need to coordinate hospital tours and baby registry shopping trips around nap times. But by the time you’re pregnant with number three, you’re lucky if you can even remember to take your prenatal vitamin each morning. Between two other children and all their activities, your third learns to go with the flow from the time they’re in the womb.

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Delivery Is Orchestrated with the Precision of a Space Shuttle Launch
No longer do you have the luxury of rushing off to the hospital once “it’s time.” For your third delivery, you will need to begin preparations weeks in advance to ensure that your other two children are accounted for. Schedules, locations, contact numbers and contingency plans will be documented and emailed out to your entire circle so that everyone can be picked up, dropped off and cared for while number three is being born.

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Practical Trumps Cute in the Clothing Department
With your first, you buy all the adorable baby outfits and don’t worry about the number of buttons, snaps, ties and buttons. Your second wears some of those hand-me-downs along with simple sleepers added to the rotation. By the time your third comes along, they’re living in onesies and pajamas that provide easy access. Your hospital nurse will take one look at your baby’s sleep gown and knowingly ask, “Third baby?”

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Someone Is Always Hungry or Thirsty
With three, you learn to always be prepared with snacks and drinks. Whether it’s nursing an infant, peeling oranges for a toddler or pouring milk for a preschooler, someone always requires sustenance. Usually when you’re using the restroom or otherwise occupied.

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Nature Never Stops Calling
“All that sustenance results in a lot of bathroom visits. Have three children and throw in a pet, and you’ll be constantly changing a diaper, taking someone to the potty or cleaning up after a fur baby. No longer will anyone in the household be squeamish about poopwhether it be talking about it or cleaning it up.

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photo: Juhan Sonin via Flickr

Everyone Adjusts to the Chaos
With three young children, you become accustomed to a minimum threshold of background noise. You accept that it will always be there and learn to tune it out. Fortunately, so do the children. Just wait to be amazed at how quickly baby number three will fall asleep despite all the shouts, laughs and musical toys of your older kids.


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It’s an Instant Party
With families of five, the party never ends. Scheduling play dates is no longer necessary because every single day is a play date. Right at home. Bring three kids to a park or an event, and suddenly it’s a bash. All the neighborhood kids come calling to play with one, two or all three of your children.

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Cuddles Galore
With three, you will never want for love. Eager arms are always outstretched and waiting to hug you, and you will constantly find children snuggling into your side. Someone always wants to play with you, giggle with you or simply be held by you. It’s as heartwarming as it sounds and does wonders for the ego.

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photo: Kelly Sue DeConnick via Flickr

Maximum Return on Investment
I remember looking at all the stuff we bought for our first child and commenting to my husband that we would need to have another one simply to yield a return on our investment. With three kids, you ensure that everything you purchase is fully utilized. Clothes, strollers, toys and gear have all been passed down, eliminating the need to purchase much of anything at all for baby number three.

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Built-in Teachers
With your first, you are the model for everything they learn to do. You teach and instruct as they hit each milestone. But once you have two and three children, older siblings step in to help teach their younger brothers and sisters. Potty training a third? Leave it to the older siblings! Teaching life’s lessons usually gets easier with the third child.

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You No Longer Sweat the Small Stuff
Firstborn children tend to be subjected to parental micromanagement and concern as their every step is carefully monitored. Second children fare better as you’re learning to divide your attention between two. But by the time number three is born, you’ve realized that kids are pretty resilient. Besides, you no longer have the time to obsess over minor details. So all three children are given more latitude as you save your energy for things that are truly important.

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The Love Is Overwhelming
This is really what it’s all about. Triple the love. Three times the hugs. Your heart is bursting every time you look at all of your children together. You’ll realize that they’ll always have each other, and you can’t imagine your lives without all of them.

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— Faye Nagy


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