We’ve all been first-time moms or dads at some point – and there’s nothing wrong with that! When you’re in the moment, you’re doing whatever you can to navigate this new world of living with and raising a little human. But when you’ve got a touch of experience under your belt and are on to baby number two (or three or four) it can be kind of funny to look back at all the ways you showed you were on your first baby. Here are just a few of those signs.

Photo: Jorge Cruz via Flickr

1. The nursery is ready and fully loaded before baby arrives. You’ve painted, decorated and styled your wee babe’s room before the kid has even made their big debut. It’s gorgeous! And it’s also decked out with every baby gadget and piece of gear you need (and some you likely don’t). Now if the baby would just get here.

Photo: Milestone™ Baby Photo Cards with Emily Winfield Martin

2. You document everything. Once your baby arrives, absolutely everything they do gets recorded. From the big occasions like their first smile to the little things like that time they seemed gassy. If your first baby did it, it’s going down in a book or album.

the-dabblist-via-flickrPhoto: thedabblist via Flickr

3. You make all your own organic baby food. All first-borns seem to benefit from home cooked, baked, steamed and pureed baby food. It’s awesome! Luckily, somehow the latter born children seem to get by just fine without the same benefits.

Photo: Phillip Antar via Flickr

4. You sterilize everything. Pacifiers and bottles get boiled. Toys are hand washed in hot soapy water. You would basically dip yourself in hand sanitizer if it was possible. Germs are gross though! For real.

Photo: Kevin Phillips via Flickr

5. You keep a ‘pee and poo’ diary. While it’s handy to know how many wet and dirty diapers your wee newborn has had, your first born is usually the only one who benefits from this. Unless there’s a health concern, you just wing it with the other kids. But that first one? You knew every little detail of their tiny little bowels.

Photo: Kona Gallagher via Flickr

6. You leave the house with a well-packed diaper bag. With everything you could ever need or want. Change of clothes, snacks, bottles, diapers, wipes, toys and more. You’ve got it all.

tamaki-sono-via-flickrphoto: Tamaki Sono via flickr

7. You pick them up the second they cry. We totally understand. It’s our instinct to help our babies when they cry! But when we’re on our first baby, some of us move at rapid speed the nano-second they let out a teeny tiny whimper. The other siblings learn to wait.

Photo: Sarah Mirk via Flickr

8. Your baby goes everywhere with you. First babies are easy to take to a mom’s group meet-up at the beer garden, your doctor’s appointments, brunch with single friends, special baby-and-me mornings at the movie theater and so on. You might even feel like a champ bringing your little to an outdoor music festival. But when number two comes along, you’ll realize the benefit of hiring a babysitter and enjoying some adult-only time at these locales.

What other signs clearly indicated you were on your first baby? Share in a comment!

–Heather Dixon