Soft floor tiles are a must for Baby’s play space (trust us!), but fashionable foam tiles are hard to find. ABC-decorated, brightly colored tiles are okay for a playroom, but if you’re looking to add a safe, soft, easy to clean play area to your living room, you may want something more sophisticated. That’s why we’re so excited about Skip Hop’s stylish new foam floor tiles.


Why We Love Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles

Fashioned in a pretty grey and cream color combo, Skip Hop’s Playspot Geo Foam Floor Tiles are more likely to blend with your decor. What’s more, instead of being square-shaped like most tiles, these are triangle-shaped. Why does it matter? Not only can you create an array of cool patterns (think chevron, checkered, stripes), their unique shape also means you can fit them into unique spaces. Each EVA foam tile set comes with 40 triangles and 32 edge pieces. You can make a play surface that’s up to 70-inches by 56-inches.


We We Love Foam Floor Tiles for Babies

Lining your play area with soft tiles is a smart idea for Baby’s first year. Here’s why. First, they’re easy to wipe down and clean up fast – think spit up, finger painting mishaps, spilled snacks, and even, gasp, blow outs. Second, while they’re a nice place for tummy time play and add extra cushion underneath playmats, they are indispensable when your little one first reaches the sitting up stage. He’s sure to tip over several times daily and when his cute little noggin lands on soft tiles instead of your hard flooring, he might not even cry.

Available at, $80.

Do you have foam tiles for your baby to play on? Tell us why they are a must have in your house.

—Julie Seguss