It seems we parents are always trying to save on space and come up with clever ideas for making the most of the rooms we have—some even pulling double duty. Check out these amazing and brilliant (not to mention stylish) ideas for sharing a nursery. Whether it be to make the room double as an office, a guest room, or fit two (or more) kids, we’ve got you covered.

Office + Nursery
What used to be an office and guest room (thanks to the transitional desk and murphy bed) was transformed into an adorable construction-themed nursery by mom and designer Vanessa Shaffer. We love that when the desk and the bed aren’t being used, they can be neatly tucked away behind a wallpaper covered wall. See more of this adorable nursery on Vanessa’s blog.

Bro/Sis Room + Nursery
This nursery is shared by an older sibling and baby. Neutral colors work best, especially when accommodating a boy and a girl, which was the case in this room. This bedroom was a princess room for the older girl, but when blogger Cindy found out she was pregnant, she transformed it again into the space you see now. When designing for siblings it’s important to give each child his or her own things. The monograms on the walls are one detail, but so is the sweet mobile and giraffe. The different textures and pillows on the bed are a touch more sophisticated for the daughter and the artwork works for both children. See more of this nursery on Cinsarah.

Guest Room + Nursery
This guest room turned nursery (by The Nesting Game) pulls double duty while still being super chic and glamorous. With just a few adjustments—sconces and a built-in nightstand shelf by the bed, plus a dresser and changing table in one—the neutral room allows guests to sleep comfortably, but has whimsical touches perfect for baby.

Master Bedroom + Nursery
This room is both a master bedroom for the parents-to-be and a nursery. Not an ideal situation for getting the most amount of sleep, but that’s par for the course and design-wise it works beautifully. They kept the colors similar for both the grown-up space and the baby’s area infusing it with bits of whimsy with the toys and bunting. See more ideas from this nursery on Studio 1208.

Have you seen any amazing nursery shares? Tell us about them in the Comments section below. 

—Jenn Andrlik