Your baby doesn’t want to eat a pile of bland peas any more than you do. Once your little one is past the introduction phase of solids, it’s time to spice up the vegetable choices. These 10 veggie recipes range from seasoned purees to tasty finger foods. All pack a punch of child-friendly flavor and a healthy dose of veggie goodness. Try one today and you’ll be raising a veggie-lover in no time.

Pumpkin Thyme Puree

Purees are a great way to introduce babies to new flavors because it’s a texture they are already familiar with. This recipe from Babie FoodE blends vitamin-rich pumpkin and thyme to offer a hearty flavor that can be eaten on its own or added to other purees.

Photo: Baby FoodE

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What are your favorite, flavorful veggie recipes for baby? Dish in a comment.

— Katie L. Carroll