Bouncers are one of those baby products that you’ve gotta have for the first few months (how else would you go to the bathroom or take a shower?). But they have a short life. After about six months you’ll never use the thing again. Or will you? Stokke Steps, the new bouncer that can transform into a high chair, begs to differ.


Adaptability is what makes this product special. To get the full effect, you buy it in two stages. Start with the Stokke Steps Bouncer, which sells for $199.99. That might sound like a hefty price tag, but this little baby soother has a few better-than-average features. Before baby is big or advanced enough to bounce on her own, it has a cradling motion to keep her moving and happy. And when she’s ready to bat at a toy, you can add one to the detachable hanger. The fabric color options are also on trend with neutrals like greige and brights including orange, and there’s lots of plush padding to keep your little one cozy. Another big plus: The fabric is washable.


Looking for a place to perch baby? We all know putting the bouncer on the kitchen counter is a safety no-no, but having her at your height while you’re making dinner or having a meal is nice. So, now add on the Stokke Steps Chair. In one quick step you can pop the cushioned baby seat out of the bouncer and onto the high chair to bring your little one closer to you. The high chair is an additional $279.99, making the whole shebang quite a splurge ($479.98), but it’ll also check three things off your to-buy list: a bouncer, high chair and toddler seat.


When your sidekick is ready for solids, use the Stokke Steps Chair as a traditional high chair, with or without a tray. The simple plastic design is easy to clean and wipe down, over and over and over again. Later, remove the baby seat with back and leg holes and adjust the foot rest for your growing toddler, and they’ve got the perfect adjustable seat to last throughout childhood.


The Stokke Steps Bouncer retails for $199.99 and the Stokke Steps Chair retails for $279.99. Both can be purchased online at or at select retail stores.

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— Julie Seguss

Photos courtesy of Stokke