Let’s play a game: Is it real cake or is it a diaper cake? Well, we already gave away the answer. But you still won’t believe how stunning diaper cakes can look when you dress them up like wedding cakes. Not to mention diapers are the best present a soon-to-be parent can get (way better than their third copy of Goodnight Moon). Grab your 100-pack nappies and flip through our album for diaper decorating inspiration.

Chevron Diaper Cake

Hold your cake together and add modern flair with a chevron-print wrap. We love how this cake from GiftCakesGalorenmore gives extra thought by including baby powder. The secret to happy little bums are fresh and dry ones!

Diaper count: 30 diapers

photo credit: GiftCakesGalorenmore via etsy.com

Have you ever made a diaper cake? Let us know what kind of decorations you used! 

— Christal Yuen