Welcome to The Play Kits by Lovevery, a subscription program of science-based, non-toxic products and guidance, stage-based for your child’s development. The Play Kits by Lovevery for baby’s first year were named a Time Magazine Best Invention of 2018.

Previously only available through baby’s first year, The Play Kits are now available for Months 0-24!

The award-winning Play Kits offer an entirely new approach to toys and early childhood—one that helps parents feel connected and tuned into what their children are experiencing in the moment. Parents subscribe to The Play Kits on Lovevery.com at any time during their child’s first 2 years, and receive a Play Kit every 2-3 months depending on their age (2 months for baby, 3 months for toddler) containing just the right playthings at just the right time.

Each product in the kits is thoughtfully crafted using organic cotton, sustainably forested wood, and baby-safe materials.

Learn more about The Play Kits: http://lovevery.com/products/the-play-kits

Also by Lovevery, the award-winning Play Gym: http://lovevery.com/products/the-play-gym


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