Ah, sleep. Beloved sleep. The thing that we don’t get enough of, that we daydream of so fondly. All too familiar with the common condition called “sleep deprivation”? This syndrome unites parents across generations, lifestyles and other circumstances, because we have all been there. If you’re currently in the throes of broken sleep and before dawn wake-up calls, you’ll likely find yourself nodding in agreement to every one of these honest, true thoughts that sleep-deprived parents have.


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$100. No, $5,000. OK, $1,000. I will literally pay $1,000 for a solid, uninterrupted nap.


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Is that spit up on my shirt? *Sniffs it* Eh, doesn’t smell too strongly. It’ll do. This shirt will work for another day.


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Coffee. Need coffee. Coffee. Must get coffee.

Mom in Action

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How does she look so put together? Does her baby sleep? How does her baby sleep and mine doesn’t? Sleep. I want sleep. She gets sleep. How can I find out her secret? So so tired.


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I used to daydream of tropical getaways and dinner parties, now I desperately dream of the basics…like a shower. A shower sounds incredible. How can I get one of those? I actually can’t remember the last time I showered.

Asleep at the wheel

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Is it nap time yet?


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I now regret every time I didn’t nap when I was little. I owe my mom a big apology.


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How many times am I going to have to run this load of laundry before I remember to switch it to the dyer?


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Where did I leave that baby monitor this time? The freezer?


Photo: Ryan and Sarah Deeds via Flickr

I feel like I’m living in Groundhog Day where every day I wake up, exhausted, sleep deprived and wondering if I really ever slept or even went to bed. Thank goodness a cute baby is behind all this!

What are some thoughts you’ve had as a sleep-deprived mom? Share them in the comments. 

—Jane Putnam