One thing all new moms have in common is questions. Babies are adorable yet helpless little mysteries and we never seem to know enough about breastfeeding, baby poop, soothing, swaddling, self care or how to help them sleep.

Parenting books are great…when you have time to read them. And family and friends are helpful but can give contradictory, or unsolicited, advice. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were experts who could answer your toughest parenting questions? There are at Tinyhood!

photo: jarmoluk via Pixabay

What It Is

Tinyhood is an app and website that provides advice and support to parents and parents-to-be. Through live online parenting classes and one-on-one consultations with experts, Tinyhood tackles a ton of topics, including developmental milestones, sleep, introducing solid foods, breastfeeding, your postpartum health and more.

And the expertswho range from certified lactation consultants and sleep consultants to pediatric nutritionists and potty-training specialistswon’t only get you through the first few months. There are classes and experts geared toward toddlers, preschoolers and older kids, so you’re covered when it comes to potty training, behavioral issues, introducing a new sibling, and instilling healthy eating habits.

How It Works

Visit the Tinyhood website or download the app to view the topics covered and determine whether you’d be best helped by an online class, online chat, video chat or phone call. So, for example, if you’re struggling with baby’s latch during breastfeeding, you may opt for a video chat so the lactation consultant can see what your issues are and make immediate recommendations. Or if you’re pregnant and want to about learn breastfeeding positions, baby’s hunger cues and how to avoid common challenges, you might choose to take a class instead.

The classes include an hour-long video with an expert, as well as time for questions, a video recording (if you miss the live class or want to refer back to the presentation), and discounted access to the class’s instructor for any additional help you need.

Cost for Tinyhood’s services varies by type and topic; visit the Tinyhood website for more information.

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