Discovering that your baby has food allergies can be overwhelming. But you’re not in this alone. In fact, statistics show that 1 in 13 children are diagnosed with some type of food allergy. That’s why innovative companies are making it easier for you to navigate meal time. From websites and apps that help filter your shopping lists to high-quality food brands with tasty allergen-free options, click through for a deep-dive into keeping meal time safe and happy for your little one.


Mama bears, rejoice! AllerMates was founded by mom whose son was diagnosed with severe food allergies. She wanted to find a way to both protect him and teach him about his health concerns in a way that was fun and non-intimidating. She started drawing allergy-related characters and used those characters to create medical-awareness accessories, like charm bracelets and necklaces, that kids would actually want to wear. The brand also carries food-allergy restaurant cards you can bring when you're going out to eat and stickers to remind caretakers of your child’s dietary needs when you're not around.

photo: Allermates

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— Aimee Della Bitta

featured photo: Garrett Ziegler via Flickr