Water cools off little fingers and toes — and it’s also a super tool for young, exploring minds. Think beyond the bath and introduce your baby to engaging, safe water play. From container scooping games to ice cube tray tricks, these 10 creative ideas will make a splash during play time. Click through our slideshow for the details!

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Babies can’t ask for more than water and colorful scooping tools. Using everything from measuring cups to toys with depth, they'll discover the idea of empty and full. Use a bucket to contain the activity (and the splashing!). Your little one will be captivated from start to finish. Get tips for play from Tinker Lab.

Photo courtesy of Tinker Lab


We at Red Tricycle encourage learning. That said, babies should never be left near water unattended. All of these activities should be experienced with parental supervision. 

How do you make time for water play? We want to know!

— Gabby Cullen