Swaddling works wonders for soothing and boosting baby sleep – until it doesn’t. Suddenly your little Houdini is breaking one hand out, and two and before you know it every limb is flailing about in the crib. What’s next? Start with a swaddle wrap that keeps arms in thanks to snaps or Velcro and then transition to a wearable blanket or sleep sack. Here are 9 of our favorites. Sleep well!

The Forever Blanket

Yes, we know this one is a splurge, but here's why it's ok - your baby can wear the Moon Cocoon from 6 months to 3 years thanks to a few easy adjustments. The unique design allows you to zip the bottom blanket completely off and switch the top, which comes in especially handy for midnight spit up disasters. This blanket can also be used for a newborn's tummy time session, a preschooler's lovie or as a pillowcase (yes, it fits on a standard size pillow!).

Available at niniandpumpkin.com, $164 (sleep sack plus extra top included).

What sleep sack helps your baby sleep? Tell us in a Comment.

–Julie Seguss