Winter days may be short, but they sure can feel long. When cabin fever sets in and you’re looking to get crafty with baby or want a few outdoor ideas, we have you covered. Check out these winter-themed activities that will entertain and engage your little snow bunny. For safety, always follow cold-weather guidelines when playing outside with children.

Send in the Snow

If it’s too cold to take your baby outside to play in the snow, bring the white stuff indoors! Place a towel on the floor, load some snow onto a tray, and give your chid some plastic utensils to play with. This idea comes from the Mama Smiles blog, where she recommends adding food coloring to the snow. As the snow melts, you can watch the colors change, and you can teach your child about mixing colors.

photo: Mama Smiles

What are your favorite activities to keep baby busy in winter? Share in a comment!

–Katie L. Carroll