Winter days may be short, but they sure can feel long. When cabin fever sets in and you’re looking to get crafty with baby or want a few outdoor ideas, we have you covered. Check out these winter-themed activities that will entertain and engage your little snow bunny. For safety, always follow cold-weather guidelines when playing outside with children.

DIY Snow

If you’re not in a cold-weather climate, you can create a winter wonderland by making your own snow. The Playtivities blog has a simple fake snow recipe that uses just a few ingredients. Let your child touch and squeeze the snow for a sensory experience, or break out the beach toys to mold the snow into shapes. Bonus: If this snow gets on your carpet, it might even clean it!

photo: Playtivities

What are your favorite activities to keep baby busy in winter? Share in a comment!

–Katie L. Carroll