As a new parent, you don’t like leaving your baby out of sight. But it’s pretty hard to do that while you’re driving and he’s in the backseat. A new innovation from Infanttech Solutions helps by taking hidden-camera technology to a new level. The Always In View baby monitor for cars is a camera hidden in a plush animal. It wirelessly broadcasts live footage to a screen that affixes to your front windshield, so you can watch while you wheel around.

What do you think: totally genius or a bit overboard? We give the inventors credit for filling a niche. Think about all the time we spend in our cars toting our little ones around … trips to the pediatrician and grandma’s house, or just loops around the block trying to get baby to fall asleep. All too often, we’ve found ourselves awkwardly spinning around in the front seat every time we hear baby cry from behind (kind of a safety no-no when we’re driving). This invention solves that problem.

The high-def hidden cameras in these plush critters are equipped with Night Vision, so they work after dark. Also included is a rechargeable battery that lasts up to six hours, and an anti-glare video screen that has a suction cup to attach to your windshield.


There’s a choice of plushes up for grabs: puppy, giraffe or monkey. Their extra-long arms wrap around the front seat with Velcro, allowing them to face baby straight-on. If nothing else, seeing their cute and cuddly faces should make your baby smile. And we could all use that kind of pick-me-up — especially on a long road trip.

Infanttech’s Always In View baby monitor is available for pre-order online at It costs $249.99.

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— Kelly Aiglon

Photos: courtesy of Infanttech’s Facebook page

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