Burger King. It’s where you go for…umm, burgers. Obviously. But now, the restaurant chain is getting deeper than cardboard crowns and French fries. The fast food giant is recognizing the enormity of the bullying problem that faces our kids. And October is National Bullying Prevention Month and BK has an ad that tackles the subject — in a completely powerful way.

The video clip starts out with real kids talking about bullying. And no, they’re not just talking about being bullied. They’re also talking about being bullies or doing nothing at all. One boy admits, “It’s been hard for me to stand up for other people because I feel like I’m already a target.” Another says, “It’s just easier to do nothing.”

The video moves into a BK restraint, where the chain says, “We bullied a High School Jr. and a Whopper Jr. to see which one received more complaints.” And what happened during Burger King’s experiment? They set up a bullying scene — with child actors, not real kids. But the customers who were eating nearby were real. They watched as a group of kids bullied another, at points pushing him down physically. Then they bullied a Whopper Jr.

How could they bully a hamburger? They punched it, leaving it sad and broken. But still served it to the customers. Again, these were the same real customers. While the customers sat silently while the boy was bullied, they jumped at the chance to complain about their burgers. When the store employees told the customers that they “bullied the burgers” everyone was more than confused. A whopping 95% of customers reported the bullied Whopper. But only 12% stood up and said something to the High School bullies.

What would you do? If you saw someone being bullied would you stop and say something? Share your thoughts in the comments below.