A tween concert isn’t exactly how many grown-ups like to spend a Saturday night, but the two dads in the video below are proof that it’s not what you’re listening to, but the company you’re with that makes any kind of music a blast to dance to.

The video posted to Twitter by dad Neil Cooley features him and his 6-year-old daughter, along with his friend Joe and his daughter, dancing at a Little Mix concert at Kingsholm Stadium in the UK. Little Mix, for the uninitiated, is a girl group that got its start on the UK version of The X-Factor.

These two dads didn’t shy away from letting loose at the show. They were all smiles as they danced, and even sung along, to the music. Neil even wore the band’s t-shirt to the show, a concert faux pas that’s totally forgivable because of what an awesome dad he clearly is.

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