Getting kids to read isn’t always easy. But when one special education teacher decided to stock the school bus with a bucket of books something pretty magical happened.

A recent Facebook post from the Arkansas Department of Education showed how a little creativity and some serious ingenuity can change the face of learning. Drew Central School District teacher Julie Callison devised a plan to get students reading—without having to assign homework or force the kiddos into it.’ Instead, Callison stocked the school bus with a bucket of books.

So here’s how the bucket of books works. Each child can choose up to three books to read on their bus ride. When they’re done reading their books, the students can share their picks with nearby classmates or bus-mates. But it gets even cooler.

According to Callison, on the Department of Education’s Facebook page, “On Friday afternoons we have a ‘Special Guest Reader’ usually from the back of the bus (high school or middle school student). They pick out a book, sit on the front seat and read it over the speaker to the whole bus. They love this!”

It’s clear that the students are enjoying their bus ride literacy adventures. And they’re not the only ones who think Callison’s idea is pure genius. One Facebook commenter wrote, “Ok this may be the coolest thing I have heard of! So much better than kids bullying on the bus or playing on their phones!”

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: macdeedle via Pixabay



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