Take this monthly photo challenge  that’ll get your creative juices flowing when it comes to capturing family memories. From small reminders to take photos of classic moments like catching a snowflake on your tongue to laugh-out-loud snapshots like posing your little in pop’s suit, these ideas will leave you with 12 awesome memories for next year’s calendar.

Burr, it’s a new year. Capture a fleeting moment of a snowflake on your tongue OR start your kid’s growth chart and see what “new heights” the year will bring.

growthchart-cc-dan hooker-flickr

photo: danhooker via flickr

Love is all around! See if you can spot a something natural and heart-shaped and snap a photo OR take a picture of your little one helping out with baking. Bonus point if you’re baking sugar hearts!

bakingwithkids-cc-steve corey-flickr

photo: Steve Corey via flickr

With the weather a little warmer, venture outdoors and find a special mural in your city for a cool family photo background OR head to a greenhouse and take an early spring photo with the flowers.

Photographed by Thomas M. Kubik | © 2015 TK Photography | www.tkphotographychicago.com

photo: TK Photography

Take advantage of April showers and get your puddle splashing photo in OR get that classic Easter Bunny photo (bunny ears, with a real bunny or a character) for future family cards.

puddlesplash-cc-barney moss-flickr

photo: Barney Moss via flickr

It wouldn’t be May without a mom-themed photo session or flowers. Pose for the camera with everyone making the same face as mom OR have everyone in the family get some I LOVE MOM tattoos and take a picture for the memories.

momflowers-cc-donnie ray jones-flickr

photo: Donnie Ray Jones via flickr

Two great things happen in June: School’s Out and Father’s Day! Snap a photo of your happy-go-lucky scholars jumping front of their school OR dress the younger kiddos up in Dad’s hat and coat.

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Summer is officially in session! Get your family cooling off in style with an artsy snapshot of your feet dipped in water OR dress your kid in red, then in white, then in blue to make a photo collage. If you have more than one, adjust accordingly.

There’s no other time to spread out a checkered blanket than August. Bask in the sun and take a family picnic photo OR get photo evidence of your little fashionistas rocking their celebrity-status in a pair of sunglasses.

kidsunglasses-cc-Aikawa Ke-flickr

photo: Aikawa Ke via flickr

Now that the kids are jetting back to school, don’t forget to take photographic memories! Have their teacher snap a photo of you and your mini-me at school OR if you can’t head inside, take a photo of your little academics running onto the school yard.


photo: kimberly via flickr

Pumpkins are all the rage. Photos of your family at the pumpkin patch are a no-brainer, so let’s get a little more creative! Take a picture of your family wearing all orange OR your precious inside a pumpkin.

pumpkin-cc-the parasite-flickr

photo: The Parasite via flickr

How often do you forget to take a picture before digging into that delicious Thanksgiving meal? This is your soft reminder to take a picture before your family digs in OR lay in a pile of autumn leaves and make a “leaf” angel.


photo: Russ via flickr

It wouldn’t be December without a family photo for those holiday cards. Go the classic route or find the prettiest house in your neighborhood and pose there.

familychristmasphoto-cc-Donald Windley-flickr

photo: Donald Windley via flickr

Then whip this whole list into a calendar for 2016 and you’ve got an awesome gift! 

Got any ideas for a photo theme? Share them in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen