Being a parent means becoming hyper-aware of everything you do and say in front of your kids. Even when it might seem like you’re talking to a brick wall, those little ears and eyes are picking up more than they let on—and it’s more than those occasional curse words that you have to worry about accidentally slipping through your lips. Actress Busy Philipps recently shared a parenting tip about empowering her kids with what she doesn’t say and it’s really something all parents should think about.

The mom of two girls, Birdie, 9, and Cricket, 4, has battled insecurities with her looks, but she doesn’t want to pass those feelings on to them. “I’m very careful about how I talk about myself in the home, to myself and to my husband. The things I say privately in the home are always being heard by our kids. So I’m never weird about wearing a bikini or showing my body off,” Philipps explained in an interview with US Weekly at the I Feel Pretty movie premiere. A fitting subject of conversation since the film, also starring Amy Schumer, is all about self-esteem and body image.

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“I try to empower my own self in front of my girls,” Philipps continued. “That’s the best I can do.” It can be tempting to be hard on yourself, especially after pregnancy and motherhood leaves your body in a different shape than it was in before, but it’s important to remember that those negative thoughts and feelings can rub off.

Being body positive is not only important for your own self-esteem and mental well-being, it’s also setting the bar for how your kids will view themselves. Your kids love you just the way you are and if you love yourself, they hopefully will learn to love themselves too.

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—Shahrzad Warkentin

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