Get ready for healthier kiddos—at least on the West Coast. The California soda ban (for kids’ drinks only) recently passed the State Assembly, meaning Californians are one step closer to limiting sugary beverages for kids when families go out to eat.

The idea of limiting or banning soda service in restaurants isn’t exactly new. Several cities, both within and outside of California, have already created their own rules governing the restriction of sugar-containing sodas.

So what will happen in California? If Governor Jerry Brown signs the bill, the state can limit the types of beverages that restaurants can serve to children, leaving water and unflavored milk as the only two options. Err, wait. Even though though recent reports that, if passed, the bill will completely restrict all restaurants in the state of California to offering plain ol’ water or milk, this isn’t exactly the case.

According to a recent tweet from California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez Fletcher (she is one of elected officials who voted for the bill), “Actually the headline is misleading. It blocks restaurants from offering soda as part of a kids meal. Parents can opt in for a soda instead if they want.”

In other words, the state isn’t telling restaurants they can’t sell soda. And they’re not telling parents that they can’t purchase sugary drinks. But eating establishments can’t outright pair soda with their kids meal options—milk and water must be the default choices.

So there won’t be any more burger, fries and soda combos for kids—but if mom and dad say it’s okay, restaurants will still be able to serve it.

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Breakingpic via Pexels 



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