In an effort to get more families to unplug and get outdoors, REI has teamed up with Basecamp Hospitality to launch a series of educational programs at select state and national parks just in time for National Camping Month.

The classes, which will be featured in a pilot program at 15 parks managed by Basecamp Hospitality, will include topics like how to pitch a tent, kayaking, campfire cooking and fishing basics. The program will launch on June 23-24 at Lake Camanche, California and will later roll out to Lake Gregory, Angel Island and Lake Chabot in California in 2019 and expand to Silver Falls, Katherine Landing at Lake Mohave, Big Basin and others in 2020.

photo: Courtesy of Basecamp Hospitality

“We’re aiming to make it easy and fun for beginners to learn about camping so they can gain confidence and create incredible memories they’ll talk about their whole lives,” said Basecamp Hospitality CEO and Chairman John Koeberer. “The goal is to create new ambassadors for camping that will inspire other beginners to get out there and create their own adventures.”

The launch program at Lake Camache will include classes for groups of four who rent a tent site, or participate in the Rent My Tent program, where the tent and campsite are set up for you. The REI-led classes will include camping basics like tent set up at “Welcome to Basecamp Basics Class” and “How to Build a Campfire” among others.

Packages start at $285 for two nights including a tent or $224 if you bring your own tent. For more details on the programs available and to sign up check out the site here.

—Shahrzad Warkentin



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