California is the latest state to legalize marijuana and surprisingly parents are among the target consumer group for this newly booming industry. Some advocates believe marijuana can have some tremendous benefits when it comes to parenting. So, does smoking pot make you a better parent?

According to a recent report in LA Weekly, some parents believe that recreational marijuana use has helped them be better parents by allowing for a better connection with their kids. Cannabis has been shown to have positive therapeutic effects, particularly as an analgesic. Parents, like Nicole Lenz, founder of Earth Healthcare in Westwood, California, who used cannabis to treat an autoimmune disease, attribute their medical marijuana use for being able to overcome an illness that got in the way of parenting.

“I was a better mom, I was easier and funner to be around,” Lenz told LA Weekly. “She was able to have her mom back to a certain degree when I wasn’t suffering, so it brought us closer in that tough time because it alleviated my symptoms.” Other parents believe that cannabis use makes it easier to get into the energetic, creative state of mind needed to be their best at parenting.

Lenz and other advocates are not alone in their choice to use medical marijuana while parenting. According to a study by Eaze, a cannabis tech company, one in five marijuana consumers is a parent. Their research also found that parents are 52% more likely to replace alcohol consumption with marijuana than non-parents.

What do you think about marijuana use among parents? Share your thoughts in the comments.

—Shahrzad Warkentin


Featured image: Thought Catalog via Unsplash



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