photo: Amanda DeAngelis via Facebook

If you have a baby in a rear-facing seat, chances are you might have a car seat mirror perched above it so that you don’t feel the urge to pull over every five seconds just to see what’s going on back there. Unfortunately, that peace of mind might come with a hidden danger.

Amanda DeAngelis, a mom from Texas, recently shared a shocking video to Facebook of the car seat mirror that nearly started a fire in her daughter’s seat. As DeAngelis took her daughter out of her car seat recently she smelled smoke. When she took a closer look, she discovered that the car seat was smoking due to the sunlight the mirror was reflecting. “Never did it occur to me it would reflect and happen so quickly,” DeAngelis wrote in the post that has since received millions of views.

photo: Amanda DeAngelis via Facebook

Some commenters suggested DeAngelis was at fault for using the mirror in the first place. The manufacturer of the mirror itself, Goldbug, told Redbook in a statement that the mirror was installed incorrectly. “In our experience, the likelihood of an experience similar to that of Ms. DeAngelis is extremely low. As with all reflective materials care must be taken to avoid direct alignment with intense sunlight.”

In response to her critics, DeAngelis added that she simply wanted to inform other parents of a possible danger they may not have considered before.

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—Sher Warkentin



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