We’re all taught to follow directions. From a very young age, everyone tells us to listen, pay attention and step-by-step it all the way. And that’s pretty much what dad Aaron Cade did. We all know the eye rolling parade that happens when our guy acts like he’s listening, but is really just blankly staring and probably thinking about what he’ll have for dinner or how he can binge watch his fave show and still take care of the baby. But not Cade. He wasn’t zoning out. He was doing exactly what he was told. And it was hilarious!

When Cade came home with his daughter London, mom Ashlie Nicole Williams told her guy to put the little girl to bed. Knowing that her daughter was sound asleep, the mom figured that London could continue resting. After all, don’t they always say to never wake a sleep baby?

So dad did exactly as he was told. Exactly! Yep, he followed those instructions perfectly. And put his daughter to bed. Umm, but wait. The little girl was still in her car seat. Hey, mom didn’t say anything about a car seat. Taking her instructions in a totally literal way, he tucked her into bed — in her car seat.

Williams tweeted a pic of the little girl asleep in her car seat (in the bed) writing, “Aaron came in the house with London asleep in her car seat and I told him to ‘Just put her to bed.’ He did exactly that.” With more than 42,000 retweets and over 103,000 likes, it’s clear that everyone is seeing the super-funny side of this situation.

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