Care Bears are all about sharing and caring. That’s why the “Care Bears” care packages aren’t exactly a surprise. For more than 35 years the perky little bears have been there for kiddos of all ages. They taught you lessons on feelings and are still going strong, helping your child learn about emotions too. Now the caring company behind the super-popular bears wants loyal customers (like you!) to win a custom care package.

So you say you’re totally interested in winning a free Care Bears care package. Okay, we get it. Before you can collect a completely cute care package, you need the details on how to win. And we’ve got them for you.

Each month the custom care package will change, focusing on a different bear. The care package theme will follow the bear’s color and belly badge. The first in the series of bears was January’s Cheer Bear. The custom package isn’t just thrown together. No way! They’re expertly designed by some serious stylists. January’s package was designed by influencer Brite and Bubbly and blogger Elle Mecham.

The bear/color scheme schedule goes as follows:

February: Love-A-Lot Bear/Pink and Red/Love

March: Good Luck Bear/Green/Good Luck

April: Wish Bear/Teal/Springtime

May: Harmony Bear/Purple/Mothers

June: Grump Bear/Blue/Fathers

July: Funshine Bear/Yellow/Summer Fun

August: Cheer Bear/Pink/Back-to-School

September: Share Bear/Purple/Sharing

October: Laugh-A-Lot Bear/Orange/Halloween

November: Tenderheart Bear/Brown/Gratitude

December: Hopeful Heart Bear/Pastel Rainbow/Holidays

Throughout the year lucky fans will have the chance to win one of 52 Care Bear care packages. At least 24 of the packages are designed by celebs and influencers. You can check out select packages on Care Bears’ social media platforms, as well as on their YouTube channel. Oh, and you can also get the details on how to enter to win straight from the Care Bears social media profiles.

Which Care Bear is your favorite? Share your pick in the comments below. —Erica Loop



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