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I made myself a promise.

I swore that I would NOT write about the American election results no matter what the outcome was.

In truth I don’t even want to speak his name. I didn’t vote for him, I don’t trust him and I don’t think that he is a very nice person. His leadership and worldly skills are sketchy at best and he has spent his campaign ridiculing and demeaning entire sectors of the population.

So I made a pact with my blogging self that I would let this topic just be…

Then I watched one of my best friends, a lovely, educated, loyal and passionate woman and mother, get internet shamed for choosing to support the election results. Not the CHOICE, but the results. She is choosing to teach her children to respect authority and respect the privileges that they enjoy here in America. My friend knows the difference between like and accept.

Because no matter your personal feelings… HE IS THE PRESIDENT NOW.

The shock to the system is fading a bit and the dust is beginning to settle. In the light of morning we Americans awoke to a new president, and now we have two choices. We can all be assholes and set THAT example for our children, or we can rise above and teach the next generation what it means to come together and support one another in times of uncertainty and digression.

I started to scrutinize my own thoughts, words and actions. My nine year old daughter has remained a staunch Trump adversary. That is largely because of me. I created a little anti-Trumpinator. She knows I despise him and now she does as well.

What is wrong with this you ask?

He could hypothetically be the U.S. president for the next eight years. My daughter will be entering adulthood…college! Given these facts I have two choices. I can continue to foster the little Trump-i-nator, or I can teacher her to accept defeat with grace, carry her morals and values with her head held high, and respect authority. This is EXACTLY what my dear friend was trying to emphasize on social media. The result was an immediate attack on her parenting.


We understand that half of the population is up in arms and feeling completely lost, hopeless and riddled with fear. I can’t have that for my children. Therefore I am making myself one more political promise, and this one I intend to keep. I will not continue to berate the leader of our nation.  What does that tell our children about respecting authority? It tells them that they do not have to. If they have zero respect for the nation’s ruler, then how on EARTH can we expect them to respect teachers, bosses, and dear LORD each other!?! So we now fall in line and get behind the President-elect. Not because we want to…but because he HAVE to. We have to be the example for our youth. They are watching us, like teeny tiny little hawks they are watching…and waiting. They are waiting for us to make the first move. Our children await our responses and actions so that they can model from them and create their own feelings and options about this historical time.

We hope that Mr. Trump will defy the odds and create some positive change in this country, for America cannot handle much more negativity before cracking completely. As one person stated on the above social media buddy-bashing thread, “We hope that we are not on the wrong side of history.”

We have a real chance here to do some good for the future, a silver lining for many of us. America is devastatingly divided on so many levels. The country is cracked, but not completely broken.  If we pull further away in fear, hatred and anger and fight existing negativity with more negativity then I think we will shatter completely. That is not fair to my daughters. They deserve better. They deserve to see their country accept what is and work together to repair the damage. How else will they learn resolution?

We don’t have to like him….but we have to respect the position that he is in IF we want to expect that from our children.

Best of luck Mr. Trump. I would not want to be you right now for all the tea in China.